Private Lessons

SUMMER SPECIAL! All privates (single and packages) are 30% off their regular price.

Single Lesson: $88 ($125/hr regularly)

5 Pack: $420 Must be used within 3 months ($600 regularly)

10 Pack: $805 Must be used within 6 months ($1150 regularly)

Looking to work on a specific pose or want to refresh your basics practice? Need to work on strengthening?

Want to work on your breathing or balance? New to yoga and not ready for a group class?

Whatever your reason - a private can be a great way to expand your practice or to just get started with one.

Fill out this quick survey to tell me more about yourself. I’ll get in touch soon to set up a time!  


Refine your basics

A private lesson can be a great way to dig deep into the basics of yoga asana (movement). Refine your downward facing dog and other poses we often revisit multiple times in a class without much thought to how things could be more comfortable in our bodies.


Stretch, strengthen and release

Use one-on-one time with me to explore new ways of moving in your yoga practice. I use therapy balls, resistance bands and yoga straps to open up and strengthen areas that often go unnoticed and untouched during a traditional yoga class.


Rest and Restore

Wish svasana was always a lot longer? We’ll use the support of bolsters, blankets and blocks to prop the body so that it can truly release giving you the chance to fully rest and restore.

Have been practicing with Emily over two years now. She really listens and pays attention. She looks out for those of us who have special challenges and doesn’t give one-size fits all instruction. Each class is different—she is always bringing in something new—whether a way to look at a pose, a prop, or a new sequence—to spice things up. And I really appreciate that!
— Jane