As a yoga practitioner and a ten year veteran of the advertising world, Emily personally experienced the mental and physical health benefits that a consistent yoga practice can bring. Mentally, a consistent yoga practice increases focus, alertness and energy, leading to heightened creativity, a greater ability to manage stress and an overall better mood. Physically, yoga enhances physical strength and flexibility and has a positive effect on posture, which can lead to the relief of head, neck and back strain—a huge benefit for any person who deals with daily life! 

A recommended session is 45-60 minutes but can be structured to fit the company's request. Classes will be beginner/intermediate level with an emphasis on combining breath and movement. Classes will promote focus, mobility and strength building and will include chair and desk exercises the employee can do at anytime.

Company Benefits:

  • Great for employee retention and recruiting – a competitive edge in hiring
  • Heightened employee productivity 
  • Reduced health care costs - for every $1 an employer spend, they can expect a $3 return
  • Increased employee morale

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*Company/students to provide yoga mats and a relatively quiet area for class.