Emily Isovitsch, 500 RYT, is a certified yoga teacher in the YogaWorks method, and an avid baker. She completed her 200 teacher training in NYC under Julie Melk and Heather Seagraves. She completed her 300 hour training in July 2016 under Heather Seagraves.

Emily teaches a fun, alignment based class built off of compassion and patience for the body and how it moves. She loves working with beginners and giving them a safe space to develop a practice off and on the mat. She believes in patience for the body and mind, and taking her yoga practice off the mat by eating cake and making pasta from scratch. Simply put - Sutra 1.2 says Yogas-citta-vrtti-nirodhah - Yoga is the calming of the mind. And nothing calms her more than making red velvet cake.